Cum sa faceti un server chiar si cu IP dinamic!

Tutoriale care va vor ajuta sa va creati propriul server WoW

Cum sa faceti un server chiar si cu IP dinamic!

Postby Skaren » 01 Oct 2007, 00:53

Nu incercati asta daca n-ati reusit sa faceti propiul vostru server prin hamachi! E MAI GREU

Originally Posted by Hacking Source


DLink Router users: I do not know how to configure your routers becuase they have too many conflicting port configuration applications on it.

If you have a Static IP from your ISP simply choose Static DNS instead and you do not need to download the updater. Then proceed with the rest of the guide.

I. Creating a Dynamic Domain Name:

1. Goto and register an account.
2. Once your able to log in, goto the Tab 'Services' ontop.
3. A short way down the middle of the page you'll see Dynamic DNS, click that.
4. To your right you'll see 'Create Host', click that.
a. Host Name: Can be whatever you want
b. IP Address: Usually auto populated but if not, goto and copy that here.
c. Check enable wildcard.
d. Mail Exchanger: I doubt you have this considering your looking at this guide for help. Leave blank.
e. Click on 'Add Host'

5. Now click this link and download DynDNS Updater I would set it up as as a service, but it doesn't matter.

If you have issues setting up DynDNS Update post what you dont' get in detail and I will help you.

II. MANGOS Preperation:

1. Goto <system folder>\system32\drivers\etc\ and open the file called 'host' with notepad. (replace <system folder> with the location of your windows folder.. i.e. c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\)
a. At the end of the file (after all the text you see) insert this into it's own line: <Your router assinged IP here if your on a router> (Not sure if this is necassary, but mines working ) <The host name you created on DynDNS>
b. Save and close
2. Download NaviCat HERE, install. Patch Click here for Navicat Patch Click here for Instructions on how to Patch Navicat, but use 2.2.12. Props to XxRedRumxX666 for the guide to that.
a. Click on Connection
- Connection Name: (Whatever you want)
- Host name/IP address: locahost (unless you have it hosted on a server elsewhere us it's address)
- Port: Leave it as is unless you know you need something different which i doubt.
- User name: User name of your Mysql mangos DB
- Password: Password of your Mysql mangos DB
- Test your connection, if it doesn't work your username and password are wrong or you don't have your mangos DB running.
b. Click OK and your done with setting up NaviCat!
3. In NaviCat look in the Connections window and click the name of the connectoin you just made so it expands.
a. Click on realmd
b. In the right window double click realmlist
c. Now change the field 'address' from to <the name of your DynDNS host you created>
d. At the bottom of the window click on the check mark to save or hit enter.
e. Close that window and close NaviCat
This will also help solve Realm Looping if your having that, but realm looping is also caused by port forwarding if you don't know what your doing.

III. Router configurations;

If you have some generic router that for some reason only allows you to forward one port i can't help you. Throw it away and get a good router. And don't try to do this stuff wirelessly, because that's a whole nother set of issues and why you'd want to do that is beyond me.

1. Disable Port Trigerring if you have the option. If not, just don't use it becuase it's an advanced feature that you need to know what it's for in order for it to work properly. Not necessary for your wow server to go public without hamanchi.
2. The following ports need to be opened and pointing to your servers router assinged IP address.
- 3724 TCP (Enables you to connect to the Realmd DB) This port will give you the "Unable to connect" Message if not forwarded to your server.
- 8085 TCP (Enables you to connect to the WorldServer) This port is what causes realm looping if not pointing to your server IP and has the wrong protocol. Simply because you can't log into the mangos server so it kicks you back to the realmd server (realm list).
- 80 TCP (This is only needed if your hosting a website frontend on the same server)
- 3306 TCP (This allows connection to your DB in MySQL)
5. Make sure your servers router assigned IP address is the Default DMZ server.
(Only put your server in the DMZ zone if your still having issues, if you have correctly configured the ports as stated above you should be good to go without having to do this step.)

Antivirus applications and your firewall will also cause connection issues. Disable both to make sure you can connect, then enable if you can connect and see if it still connects. If not you will need to forward the same ports in your firewall. Sorry not gonna go through that or antivirus blocking issues.

IV. Setting up your client to connect to your server:

1. Go into your WorldofWarcraft game directory. Example c:\WorldofWarcraft\
2. Open the file with notepad.
3. Replace with <name of your DynDNS host you made> so it should look like this:
set realmlist (or course entering your own domain name there)
4. Save and close

V. Q&A

Q. What is my DB username and password?
A. Depends on what repak your using and how you set up mysql. If your using repaks that come with mysql then it's usually mangos, mangos by default. If you setup mysql yourself, well then I couldn't tell ya.

Q. I have a static IP address from my ISP, how do i get it to work with that?
A. Use the Static host name instead of Dynamic and you do not need dynamic updater.

Q. Does this work with a DLINK router?
A. Not from my experience.

Q. Its possible my antivirus blocking my ports?
A. Yes some antivirus programs can do that.

Q. Do i need to configure my firewall as well by forwarding the same ports?
A. Most firewalls will automatically set this up for you the first time you use the app and try to access the net or access it from another computer. But if it hasn't then yes you do.

Q. Which IP should you use with forwarding ports your static, lan, or wan ip? or dns server ip ?

Q. What if i can't get access to my router to forward the ports?
A. Then you'll need to use Hamachi.

THATS IT! You should have no issues connecting! Again if you have issues, please be detailed.. things like:
Doesn't work..
This sucks..
Wont connect..
Still isn't working
Or crying it's not detailed enough ...

Tell me what steps you've takin and where your stuck and what exactly is happening.

I can 99% gaurantee this will work with Shadowhunter_22 TBC 2.0.8 repack
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Postby Duster » 01 Oct 2007, 07:15

te rog sa-l traduci daca vrei sa-l postezi aici si sa pui si sursa :)

asha oricine poate da copy - paste la nush cate tutoriale
May the loot be with you!
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Postby dushmi94 » 14 Apr 2008, 22:21

sau puteti face si folosind No-IP de la ( srry de reclama).
acest program updateaza hostul de fiecare data cand se schimba IP-ul. Daca ruleaza pe Ascent mai trebuie sa modificati prin setari... la MongoS nu stiu pentru ca nu am incercat pana acum sa fac un server de acest tip.
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Re: Cum sa faceti un server chiar si cu IP dinamic!

Postby cTL » 12 Jul 2008, 12:53

Nu mai este nevoie am reusit, dupa acest ghid. 10x anyway

dar pentru ascent un ghid?

ms anticipat.
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Re: Cum sa faceti un server chiar si cu IP dinamic!

Postby valentiores » 09 Sep 2018, 11:47
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Re: Cum sa faceti un server chiar si cu IP dinamic!

Postby valentiores2 » 30 Nov 2018, 18:09

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