Guys, din pacate ramanem fara hosting moca la forum :( As dori sa tinem forumul in picioare, eventual sa-l "resuscitam". Rog sa donati 1 euro, sau cat puteti, sa ne luam hosting.

Alte metode de a ajuta: cand cumparati ceva de pe EMAG, dati click pe orice produs de aici.. E echivalentul unei mici donatii.
Also, la aplicati codul "3L6L3REE" in cos (1% reducere). pentru alte magazine, click pe LOGO de aici:,, , sau cautati magazinul aici. Thanks!

Rocket League Options

Toate anunturile despre server vor fi scrise aici !

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Rocket League Options

Postby MMOaknfl » 19 Jan 2018, 04:38

On the opposing side, in addition, there are Indie game developers that are making games at low cost with cool graphics and a wonderful story line. Visually, a great deal of this is still quite messy rocket league crates or basic. The time you'll want to strike is after saving, if the two of the opposition are far from their objective.
Rocket League has not one of these obstacles. Players are not permitted to leave their team and rejoin to place them on the opposite side of the map. When the game is over and you're hopefully victorious, you will find this trophy.
It has accomplished a lot in two years. If you would like to win the game, you can purchase equipment to our store. The game proved to be a large part of the PS4's exclusive line-up this past year.
The exact same ramming move tried with the merc or paladin is going to result in a chip shot due to their wedge shaped hitbox. Not many possess the ability to manage these fast million dollar cars. Your pocket bike doesn't need to be just like everyone else's.
After you have mastered the art of creating cotton candy it's time to receive some paying gigs. Making 5000 per month selling cotton candy is quite feasible as much time as you are ready to work hard. The X-15 cotton candy machine is very good to utilize for industrial applications such as fairs and carnivals where you'll be selling plenty of cotton candy.
rocket league keys Options

Equip the Shark Fin Topper on any automobile, it doesn't need to be among the new ones if you've got a favourite motor vehicle. Cars may also jump and dodge, each of which may be used defensively and offensively. Each car is basically identical.

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Re: Rocket League Options

Postby valentiores » 13 Sep 2018, 03:04
[ Pwnage!!! ]
[ Pwnage!!! ]
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