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FIFA 18: 8 players who'll have the most powerful shots in th

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FIFA 18: 8 players who'll have the most powerful shots in th

Postby vzfifacoin » 12 Jul 2017, 09:04

FIFA 18 is here -- so it's only a matter of time before player stats are revealed.

One of the most talked-about areas is shot power -- after all,fifa coins shop who doesn't like scoring worldies?

We select out eight players that are likely to possess the most effective shots on the game.

Remember,to keep current with the hottest FIFA 18 news, keep your eye on our 'Everything you need to know about FIFA 18' article.
Right back to the shooting celebrities- starting with one our favorites.

The German is well known for having an incredibly powerful shot -- and this will not alter in FIFA 18.
His very best card, an 86-rated group of the Week, gave him a near-perfect 99 shot ability.

While FIFA 18 card will not accomplish those lofty heights, so it won't be far off.

His best card at FIFA 17 given him a 99 rating for shooting -- so we'd expect to see something similar in FIFA 18.

We can not see it improving much more than this -- given the fact he's now 35 -- but he will still be a beast in FIFA 18.

The Derby County midfielder has a remarkably powerful shot -- also had a 91 rating in that attribute in FIFA 17.

At 29, he has plenty of time to enhance -- and get more powerful.

Another English player with a blistering shot.

Awarded 91 in the last game but we can't find that going down.

This 34-year-old monster includes a shot energy rating of 94 at FIFA 17 -- also is known for scoring a few worldies in the sport.
Certainly one to see.

His best card saw the big Swede awarded a 99 rating for shot power -- that, combined with his other stats, made him deadly in front of target.
He will definitely be among the most powerful players in FIFA 18.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Even in regular form, top fifa coins Ronaldo's 94 shot electricity is totally deadly.
While some believe he's due a downgrade at FIFA 18 -- particularly regarding his speed -- nobody can deny he could hit a ball very, very difficult
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