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How do I connect Alexa to Bluetooth?

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How do I connect Alexa to Bluetooth?

Postby ashleygray » 13 Jun 2018, 14:20


I have using Alexa device and I just want connect my Alexa device with bluetooth. So, please tell me how do I connect alexa to bluetooth.
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Re: How do I connect Alexa to Bluetooth?

Postby arianamartinus » 14 Jun 2018, 07:23

Follow steps:
To connect a Bluetooth speaker to your other Echo device:
Turn on pairing mode on your Bluetooth speaker.
Open the Alexa app and select Alexa Devices.
Select your device, and then select Bluetooth > Pair a New Device.
Select your Bluetooth speaker.
In the Alexa app, select Continue.

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Re: How do I connect Alexa to Bluetooth?

Postby phillipskimberly » 14 Jun 2018, 09:07


To pair a Bluetooth-enabled speaker with the Amazon Echo:
1. Power on your external Bluetooth speaker and start pairing.
2. Head to the Alexa app (you can also use the web app)
3. Go to Settings in the left menu.
4. Choose Devices, and select the Alexa device you want to pair
5. Tap Bluetooth
6. Choose Pair a New Device.
7. You should now see your external device listed. Tap to pair.

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Re: How do I connect Alexa to Bluetooth?

Postby smithsaraus1 » 14 Jun 2018, 13:51

You can use Echo as a Bluetooth speaker for any media you have on your phone, including your personal music library, Pandora, Spotify, or even audio books. All you need to do is set up Echo as a Bluetooth speaker. And, in typical Echo fashion, it's done with a voice command. Here's how: Say Alexa, pair Bluetooth.

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