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Suggestions for Blade & Soul Ⅱ

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Suggestions for Blade & Soul Ⅱ

Postby luckyowl » 28 Mar 2016, 06:25

After we see 3 tips for blade & soul, today I will tell you the remaining recommendations. If you feel it helpfull, welcome to our site to find more information about blade & soul.

Tip 4 target acquisition

Under Settings -> Targeting you have the possibility to change the crosshair, and various other settings. Our tip: rotate the transparency, and the transparency marker completely to the left so you can better recognize when you have currently targeted. In addition, it is recommended to take color money in Arena because it stands out from other colors especially.

Tip 5 posts

If you've ever asked you how you get your skills or achievements in the chat posting then you can here is the explanation. First, the chat window opens then hold down "Ctrl" and "Master of the Golden path" click with left-click on the title and you're the appear below in the chat box. Exactly the same thing makes it on the skills.

I hope you were able to learn what, if you have any questions you're welcome to our site. We will try them all to answer. If you liked the tips, then you are welcome to this post liken or share on our Facebook page! And have fun with the new updatet. If you want blade & soul gold, our website is your best choice.
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