Simple Firefox Backup 1.2

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Simple Firefox Backup 1.2

Postby TheCornor » 19 Feb 2020, 20:26

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Every browser comes a new user profile where all of your favorites, page/search histories, addons, cookies, preferences and other settings are stored.

Any computer user always runs the risk of losing his data due to program or computer crash. If you use Firefox as your Primary Browser, you may prefer to back up regularly to guard against the possibility that their profile gets corrupted or wiped after installing a new extension or a new version of Firefox.1. Use a backup utility

2. Do it yourself manually

3. Use Firefox Sync function

Backing up Firefox manually is as simple as copying their respective profile folders to another location. For example;

Key4.db : contains a key used to encrypt and decrypt saved passwords

logins.json : stores the encrypted names and passwords

Places.sqlite : stores the annotations, bookmarks, favorite icons, input history, keywords, and browsing history

Cookies.sqlite : is used to store cookies between sessions

If you do that, you'll have a full backup with all your setting and personal data saved. Syncing is NOT as good as backing up because it is usually not Long-Term , syncing will not ensure that your files are safe and You can't trust your vital computer data to syncing; you must back it up. When you back something up to a hard drive or external HDD/USB flash drive , they stay there until you decide to delete them. If you need a file from last week, last month or last year, it will be there exactly the way you backed it up.

Backup and restore Your Firefox Bookmarks , Passwords and settings

Backing up of important data is always a smart thing to do. "Simple Firefox Backup" is a portable Freeware Tool that will help you easily create back-up copies of your Mozilla Firefox data . The software is an automated version of the manual method it does not read your passwords, and doesn't change any files. Be very careful with the software that reads the passwords

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