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Installation, balance and dressing technology

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Installation, balance and dressing technology

Postby juniperqq » 26 Sep 2018, 11:16

1,Installation, balance and dressing technology of China grinding abrasive disc on grinder

Special attention should be paid to the installation of China high efficient grinding discs on grinding machines. Because the wheel is working at high speed, it should be carefully checked before use and no cracks are allowed. The installation must be reliable and should be adjusted through static balance so as to avoid adult and quality accidents.

The inner hole of the grinding wheel and the outer circle of the wheel shaft or flange can not be too tight. Otherwise, the grinding wheel will expand and crack easily when grinding. Otherwise, the grinding wheel will be prone to eccentricity, lose balance and cause vibration. The general fit clearance is 0.1~0.8mm, and the clearance of the high speed grinding wheel is smaller. When grinding wheels are clamped with flanges, the diameters of the two flanges shall be equal, and the outer diameters shall not be less than 1/3 of the outer diameters of the grinding wheels.

Thick cardboard or oil-resistant rubber is used as the backing between the flange plate and the end face of the China high efficient grinding disc to make the pressure evenly distributed and the tightening force of the nut can not be too large, otherwise the grinding wheel will break. Pay attention to the direction of the fastening thread, should be opposite to the direction of the grinding wheel, that is, when the grinding wheel rotates counter-clockwise, with the right-hand thread, so that the grinding wheel in the grinding force, will drive the nut more tightly.

2.China grinding abrasive discs with diameters greater than 125 mm should be balanced so that the center of gravity of the wheel coincides with its axis of rotation.

The unbalanced grinding wheel will produce vibration when it rotates at high speed, the quality of color sound processing and the precision of machine tool, and will cause machine damage and grinding wheel fragmentation when it is serious. Therefore, the balance must be balanced before installing the high efficient metal abrasive disc. The balance of the grinding wheel has two kinds: static balance and dynamic balance. In this case, only static balancing is required, but dynamic balancing is required in high-speed mushroom grinding (speed greater than 50m/s) and high-profile grinding.

The static balancing device of the grinding wheel. Stop it. The balancing wheel can be stationary at any position. If the grinding wheel is unbalanced, the heavier part of the wheel always goes below. The balance block can be moved to balance. Cracks must be checked before the balanced grinding wheel is installed on the main shaft of the machine tool. Cracks in the grinding wheel are absolutely forbidden to use. Set the clearance to prevent the expansion of the spindle from expanding.

The method of balancing grinding wheel is to install several balancing blocks in the annular groove of the flange of the grinding wheel and make the center of gravity of the grinding wheel coincide with its rotating axis by adjusting the position of the balancing blocks.

3. Under the action of friction and extrusion, the edges and corners of the China high efficient grinding discs become blunt gradually, or when grinding tough materials, the debris is often embedded in the pores on the surface of the grinding wheels, so that the surface of the grinding wheels is blocked, and finally the cutting ability of the grinding wheels is lost. At this time, there will be a slippage between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, and may cause vibration and noise, so that the grinding efficiency will be reduced, the surface roughness will become worse. At the same time, because of the increase of grinding force and grinding heat, workpiece deformation and grinding accuracy will be affected, serious grinding surface will appear burns and small cracks.

In addition, because of the uneven hardness of the grinding wheel and the different working conditions of the abrasive, the abrasive wear on the working surface of the grinding wheel is uneven, and the number of abrasive particles in different parts is different, resulting in the loss of the shape accuracy of the grinding wheel, affecting the shape accuracy and roughness of the workpiece surface. Wheels must be trimmed to remove a layer of abrasive, so that the surface of the grinding wheel is exposed again to smooth sharp abrasive grains, in order to restore the cutting ability and profile accuracy of the high efficient metal abrasive disc.
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