Peeling grinding has good flexibility

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Peeling grinding has good flexibility

Postby juniperqq » 26 Sep 2018, 11:18

Peeling grinding, a kind of grinding method similar to turning, has good flexibility and high grinding efficiency. In recent years, with the rapid development of China's automobile industry and the decreasing cost of CBN grinding wheel, peeling grinding is widely used in high-speed grinding of shaft parts. This paper will focus on the concept of peeling grinding technology, advantages, application fields, prerequisites and the selection of ceramic China long life grinding wheel for peeling grinding.

1. Why skinning grinding
In peeling grinding, CBN grinding wheels of about 4-6 mm width are usually used, and a 10-15 degree chamfering area is set in the abrasive layer. The width is generally 1-2 mm and the width of the outer circle is 3-5 mm. The chamfering area is used for rough grinding to remove margin, while the outer part is used for fine grinding to obtain the dimension and precision of the machined surface. In grinding, the grinding wheel rotates at high speed (usually 90-150 m/s) and moves axially with a certain grinding depth to achieve axial feed (>100 mm/min), stripping the material from the surface of the workpiece, similar to turning. Because thefast working grinding wheel is very thin, the rotation speed of the workpiece needs to be large enough to avoid spiral lines.

2. Advantages of peeling grinding
The advantages of peeling grinding are mainly reflected in:
A) high grinding efficiency.
B) high grinding accuracy.
C) There is no need to change the tooling when processing different workpieces, only need to change the machine tool processing procedures, reduce the machine tool adjustment time, improve the processing flexibility and improve the processing efficiency;
D) the workpieces with different materials can be processed on the same platform with good processing flexibility.
(E) Peeling grinding uses a very thin grinding wheel for stainless steel, which can easily grind complex shape workpieces without the use of traditional forming grinding wheels and controlled by CNC program.
F) the slender shaft which can produce deformation and vibration easily during grinding.  
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