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Square Grinding Machine Of Fast Working Grinding Wheel

PostPosted: 13 Dec 2018, 10:39
by juniperqq
The fast working grinding wheel manufacturer tells you about the square grinder. There are a large number of substitutes in the country. Without the influence of patents, ordinary sandpaper can be used, so it is easy to buy. However, the quality is relatively poor. Recommend to buy Bosch or Wicks.

Precautions during operation:
Check the working pressure; wear a mask when working; regular maintenance and maintenance.
Tool maintenance and maintenance:
1. Pneumatic tools are important in maintenance and maintenance.
2. The gas supply to the tool must be treated to ensure clean and dry.
3. Use an oiler to lubricate the tool and adjust the flow rate to 2 drops per minute. If you do not use the oiler, you must inject 3-4 drops of lubricant from the pipe joint every day. Do not use oil with a high viscosity, as this will cause the tool to rotate abnormally.
4. Don't throw or hit the tool.

If you need a grinding wheel or a grinding disc when using this machine, please contact us.