Grinding Disc Production Process

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Grinding Disc Production Process

Postby juniperqq » 12 Nov 2018, 09:58

The depressed grinding disc in stock brazing production process consists of five processes: product preparation, pre-treatment, sanding, firing, and post-treatment. Today, we will talk about the preparation process in the diamond grinding disc brazing process.

The main contents of the production preparation process are base pressing, abrasive selection, and solder selection.

The product preparation process is one of the most arduous tasks for brazing workers. The base of the depressed grinding disc in stock and the choice of abrasive and brazing according to the customer are the basis of the entire brazing work.

Among them, the substrate pressing processing work requires a large amount of labor. At present, the base pressing process is completed by three sets of blanking, forming and punching, and three sets of 100T hydraulic presses. Generally, three people work in tandem according to the blanking, forming and punching stations. The pressing process of the 500 depressed grinding discs in stock bases requires 8 hours of work and 24 working hours.

Abrasive selection and brazing selection of the depressed grinding disc in stock do not require equipment and can be completed by the production process instruction, and generally, do not occupy much labor.
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