Macrium Reflect Server Plus 7.3.5854 WINPE (x64)

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Macrium Reflect Server Plus 7.3.5854 WINPE (x64)

Postby TheCornor » 04 May 2021, 21:37

x64 | File Size: 445 MB

Macrium Reflect Our image based backup and disaster recovery solutions have taken another big step forward in speed, simplicity and power.

Our entire focus is helping organisations protect business critical data and systems, without fuss and budget breaking costs.

-New Backup Ee: Incremental and differential images up to 60 s faster

-Instant virtual booting of backup images: instantly create, start and manage Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines

-Ultra-fast Live imaging of windows systems, physical and virtual

-Restore images to dissimilar hardware using Macrium ReDeploy

-Greatly simplified administration including pre-defined Backup Plans for popular backup strats

-Fully featured file and folder level backup and recovery

-Updated support for all the latest Windows Operating Systems and disk formats

-Backup your entire PC to a single compressed image file.

-Backup files and folders to a single compressed archive file.

-Recover partitions and entire disk images with just a few clicks of your mouse

-Dynamic disk support

-MBR and GPT disk support

-Restore images to dissimilar hardware using Macrium ReDeploy

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